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Cleveland, Ohio, Lake Erie
Date: Wednesday July 22, 1952
Control tower operators in Cleveland, which is just south of London on shores of Lake Erie, report multiple sightings of "golden lights" that move at fantastic speeds and can be picked-up on radar. Its not clear from this newpaper report exactly what dates they saw the UFOs however, the day before multiple flying saucers were reported by many over the US Capital Building.

More Mysterious "Golden Lights"
Reported Sighted In Cleveland Area
CLEVELAND, July 22 (AP) -- A control tower operator said today "golden lights" have been sighted over Cleveland and on one occasion he sent an airliner to look for something that appeared on a radar screen.
George Beers, senior operator on the midnight shift of the control tower at Cleveland Hopkins Airport, said: "one night six of us watched from the darkened tower room while a light hovered north of the field. We don't know what it was but all six of us saw it.
"Another time I personally saw a light making a circular pattern. I picked it up on the radar screen and watched it."
"I sent an incoming airliner over to take a look and the thing disappeared from the screen."
On another occasion a tower operator and an incoming pilot both reported seeing a "light" that "climbed and travelled in an easterly direction much faster than the normal operational speed of any aircraft known to be in this vicinity," said Beers.

London Free Press, Jul 12, 1952


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