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45 Sight UFO over Hamilton, Ontario
Southern Tip of Lake Ontario 
Date: Wednesday April 16, 1952
Forty five people report a blimp-like UFO over Lake Ontario in Hamilton this Wednesday night, about 40 mins south of Toronto. A fisherman said it hovered for about 15 minutes then disappeared and a woman out with her friends reported that it had a strange coloured fringe-like halo around a black body.
On this same day the Royal Canadian Air Force, worried about UFOs over its bases "ordered it's intelligence branch to investigate a report of flying 'discs' over its air station at North Bay." -- London Free Press, April 16, 1952 

See Weird Objects in Ontario's Skies
Blimp-like Shape Hangs Over Beach at Hamilton
TORONTO (CP) --  Strange things are reported these days in the skies over Ontario. Forty-five persons said they saw what appeared to be an unusual form of blimp hanging motionless above Hamilton's east-end beaches last night.

Gordon Cordiner, who had been smelt-fishing at Burlington Beach, said it hovered just off the lake front for about 15 minutes then disappeared.
Mrs. Marie Woodland said she was riding in an automobile with four other women along Burlington Beach when she saw the thing in the sky. "It had a halo-like fringe of color around it," she said. "But the main body seemed black. It was like something out of this world."

In Haliburton, 65 miles north of Lindsay, Mrs. Wesley Baker and a neighbor watched what they described as a "flying teardrop."
It circled high overhead, travelling swiftly, described a semi-circle and disappeared in five minutes. "I was hanging out my washing when I happened to look into the sky," said Mrs. Baker. "It was coming from the northeast shaped sort of like a teardrop of a glorified tadpole. It had a long silver tail behind that might have been smoke."
"Then I saw a second one following the first one. It was shaped exactly the same and seemed almost a though it was being pulled by the first one."
Air force men at North Bay have reported seeing flying amber-colored discs.
And at Windsor a mystery about red lights in the sky was cleared up when an airline announced it had installed a row of lights on top of its planes.

Woodstock-Ingersoll Sentinel-Review, April 17, 1952


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