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Dayton, Ohio 
Date: Friday August 1, 1952
After receiving half-a-dozen reports, two jet interceptors were scrambled to chase this bright red flying saucer over Dayton, Ohio, which is an hour south of the Windsor/ Detroit Border. The same day a Coast Guardsman got photos of four flying saucers in Washington.

Jet Pilots Sight Mystery Sky Object
DAYTON, O., August 1 -- (AP) -- Jet interceptor pilots reported to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base officials today that they saw an object in the sky which they didn't think was a light reflection.
It was the first time pilots checking on flying saucer reports here had made such a positive statement.
(The report was issued a few hours after an official United States Coast Guard announcement at Washington that a Coast Guard photographer had taken a picture of "unidentified aerial phenomena." The picture clealy showed four round objects.
It was made available to the Associated Press immediately and was replayed by Wire-photo to The Free Press.)
The two interceptors were sent up about 2:45 a.m. E.D.T., after the air force base had received five or six reports of "flying saucers."
They told officers they went up about 17,000 feet and for about 10 seconds watched a bright and red object which hovered above them. It then disappeared at "a high rate of speed."
"We deliberatley manoeuvered around to make it wasn't a light reflection. At first it appeared red and white and then white only," they said.

London Free Press, August 1, 1952


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