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Saucer with Fins over Windsor, Ontario
Location: Windsor/Detroit Area 
Date: Tuesday July 8, 1947
Front page of the London Free Press , July 8, 1947, page one, as well as other papers around the world announced:
Flying Disc Found, U.S. Army Air Force Says

ROSWELL, N.M., July 8 (AP) -- The Army Air Force here today announced a flying disc had been found on a ranch near Roswell and is in army possession. Lieut. Warren Haught, public information officer of the Roswell Army Airfield, announced the find had been made "sometime last week," and had been turned over to the airfield through co-operation of the sheriff's office. "It was inspected at the Roswell Army Airfield and subsequently loaned" by Major Jesse A. Marcel, of the 409th Bomb Group intelligence office at Roswell, "to higher headquarters." The army gave no further details.

As The Associated Press also reported: 'North America's "flying saucer" jag reeled on today' saucer sightings continued. The Winsconsin Civil Air Patrol announced a series of mass flights in hopes of learning something about the flying objects. The report below is from Windsor, at the southern tip of Ontario where it meets Detroit, Michigan.

WINDSOR, July 8 (CP) -- Latest "flying saucer" report in this area came today from Mrs. E. R. Myers who reported seeing "two white things like oblong clouds" circling high above her south-side home.

They seemed to have fins at one end and red spots in the centre, she said.


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