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Large Saucers over Lake St. Clair 
Location: Wallaceburg/Sarnia, Ontario 
Date: Saturday July 5, 1947 (Evening)
On the same night a Saucer crashed into the lake just north of Sarnia, other residents 20 mins. south of Sarnia reported two large Saucers at 10:00 and 11:30 pm. The next day, Sunday the USAF went into full alert and Monday eight saucers landed in full view of witnesses. Here is an article that appeared in both the  London Free Press and Stratford Beacon-Herald: . 

Flying Saucers that have mystified people all over Canada were seen over the westerly part of Lake St. Clair late Saturday evening last by scores of Wallaceburg people. Two of the larger saucer-like formations swung over a large arc in the sky to disprove possible theories that they were reflctions from US Air Force searchlights at Selfridge Field, Michigan. Many residents along the St. Clair River shores also reported they saw the same phenomena which appeared shortly after ten and were visible at 11:30 o'clock.

The United States Air Force put jets and conventional fighters on the alert Sunday on the Pacific Coast in hopes of chasing and explaining the mystery of the "flying saucers" which in 12 days has baffled and intrigued people in many parts of North America. Eight flying saucers today were reported to have made a landing on a mountainside near St. Maries, Idaho, in full view of 10 persons.

Mrs. Walter Johnson of suburban Dishaman, said the saucers came down in timber near Butler's Bay on the St. Joe River. She said they came into view at an axtreme speed, travelling from the south to the north. Suddenly they slowed, fluttered like leaves to the ground. Gen. Carl Spaatz, air forces commandant, was in the Pacific northwest, where the majority of the strange objects were reported seen. The discs have been reported in Canada from both coasts, from Vancouver, B. C. some days ago and over Summerside, P.E.I., Saint John, N. B. and Ottawa last Friday. 


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