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Crashed Saucer, Sarnia 1947 
Location: Turnbull's Grove, Sarnia, Ontario 
Date: July 5, 1947 (Saturday Evening)
Turnbull's Grove is up the beach a few miles north of Sarnia. On Sunday July 6, 1947 several witnesses saw a bright UFO crash into the lake. A girl thought she'd found the saucer, but it was just part of a pail. Many also reported sightings from nearby Wallaceburg. Below is the write-up from the London Free Press. Others have reported UFOs in the water in this area, leading to speculation of an under-water UFO base.

Strange as it might seem to non-fishermen, the object picked up on the shore of Lake Huron las Sunday Morning by 15-year-old Marion Upthegrove, of 23 Yale Stree has been readily identified as a broken liner for a minnow pail.That explains one mystery, but it gives no explanation for the brilliant light which flashed across Lake Huron in the early hours of Sunday morning and apparently extinguished itself in the water at the point where the minnow pail was found.

Mrs. Alton Upthegrove saw the strange light from her cottage at Turnbull's Grove as did a group of young people holding a weiner roast a quarter mile up the beach.Mrs. Upthegrove is much interested in the source and purpose of that brilliant light. She said it appeared in the sky, travelling from the southwest to the northeast at a fairly high rate of speed.The direction brought it directly toward the cottage in which she was staying, but it fell short of the land and apparently extinguished itself in the lake.

The light was intense and from the inside of her house gave the first impression a big fire was raging nearby. From the window the object appeared to be two feet in diameter and to be a container through the ribs of which brilliantly coloured flares exuded.There was no sound either from the ball of light itself or from the air or water to indicate the presence of an aircraft or ship from which a signal might have been fired, Mrs. Upthegrove said. 


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