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Flying Saucer Crash, Brantford, Ontario
Stewart Farm, Brantford, Ontario 
Date: Wednesday July 16, 1947
Two women watch a flying saucer flutter and crash on their farm just outside Brantford, which is between London and Hamilton about 45 minutes east of London, on the banks of the Grand River. No debris could be found, but later a burned area about a foot across was observed:
"Flying Saucer" Ashes Found In Field Near Brantford
Brantford July 17 -- The first report of a flying saucer in this district comes from Mrs. William Stewart and Mrs. Herbert Suderman, who today claimed to have seen one of the yet unexplained missles sweep across the sky last night. When it came to earth in a near-by pasture, they found a patch of ash about one foot in diameter.
It went through the air about 35 or 40 miles and hour the women reported, then it lost momentum and fluttered to the ground about 100 yards from the Stewart house. The women could find no trace of the mysterious object but when Mr. Stewart joined the search they located the patch of grey colored ash.
They grey ash found in the circular area was collected and sent for chemical analysis. A week later the chemist announced that it contained nothing anusual and suggested that it was a burned kite:
No Flying Saucer, Likely Burned Kite
Brantford, July 23 (CP) -- The object which fell last week in a pasture west of here, believed at first to be a flying saucer, was reported to be less exciting following chemical analysis of the remains. Finding no trace of metallic oxides such as found in incendiaries, a chemist suggested that the ash may have been a kite someone had ignited after analysis revealed an alkaline composition characteristic of paper or cloth.