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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 
Date: Week of August 14, 1897 
Everynight for an entire week the citizens of Vancouver watch a "luminous ball of fire or airship" at night. Some report a "dull lustre" color and another reported it "cigar shaped," but most just see the bright lights and "sparks".

Have you seen the light in the heavens?... if not you are not up to date. It has been hovering in the skies above Vancouver almost every night this week, and has been viewed by many. It was last seen on Friday evening and may be on view tonight, and again it may not. Last night the strange object in the skies was noticed to the north of the city across the city traveling in an easterly direction.
The luminous ball of fire or airship as some call it was closely watched. It approached with great swiftness, paused in midair, then surrounded itself with flashes of colour and moved towards the northeast. At times it looked like a ball of fire at others it had a dull lustre and small particles of fire would shoot from the great glowing mass.
The sight was a great one and should be looked out for this evening.
N. C. Schon of Burnaby saw the luminous body while on the steamer Rithet on Monday night. He states that it moved parallel to the sea far below the star line and looked like a bright red star surrounded by a luminous halo. It was cigar shaped and seemed to travel slowly and occasionally there seemed to drop a shower of sparks like the sputtering of an arc light.
A Wolrld man saw the beautiful object from the office of the Chilean consulate under a powerful glass. A wag suggested that it was the Klondike star pointing the way to untold wealth.

Victoria Daily Colonist, August 14, 1897


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