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Definition of Unusual Terms

Aggregate ~ The physical assembly of particles as separate units.

Amorphous ~ Assembly of matter in which control is largely random.

Awareness ~ The relationship between a Being and all else.

Coherence ~ The condition when two or more fields of the same king and direction combine into a single field.

Creator ~ The primary Cause for the existence of Awareness, Reality and its perception.

Crystal ~ Assembly of matter in which control is largely sequential.

Fabric ~ Grouping of three of the basic Parameters according to derivation and contiguous characteristics.

Integration ~ The summation of bits of the same kind into a whole.

Parameter ~ One of the twelve basic principles upon which all Reality perceived by Awareness is based.

Percipitation ~ Bringing Reality totally within the Perception of Awareness.

Personal ~ Pertaining to the identity of a Being.

Plasm ~ Assembly of matter in which control is largely free will.

Quadrature ~ A special operation by which a broadside (at right angles) relationship is established.

Skew ~ The geometrical configuration in which certain fields have tangential as well as radial components.

Tempic ~ The field parameter of Change

Tensor ~ Pertaining to a configuration of radiated energy which is self-contained.