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An Introduction

"I have been shown quite a few of their machine elements...I must say that in general they are much simpler, more direct and ever so much more efficient than ours. It all stems from a better knowledge of physics." - Wilbert B. Smith, M.Sc.

We find ourselves in this Universe, and we are aware of it. We strive to understand it, and to do so we use all means at our disposal. We observe and speculate; we look and sometimes we find; we ask many questions and get many answers. If the questions are proper we get proper answers, but if they are not proper questions we get indefinite answers or no answers at all.

Sometimes we cannot distinguish between cause and effect or the phenomenon and the effect of the phenomenon. Sometimes we mistake the shadow for the substance and pass by the reality while we pursue the image.

Often we are so enamoured of our own brilliance that we cannot see the little glints of Truth that line our way. Many shining nuggets of Truth lie buried at our feet and if we are not too proud to dig we will find them.

There are certain fundamental Truths in this Universe and if we are prepared to accept them we can use them as tools for its better Understanding.

No principal can be described or satisfactorily defined except in terms of concepts which are more basic, until one basic concept is reached which in itself cannot be defined at all, but which will define all other concepts.

The Universe contains no anomalies, and the appearance of an anomaly is warning that our understanding is inadequate.

Mathematics must be the servant of Understanding and not its master. Equations, by their very nature, cannot discover; they can only yield relationships derived from the initial statements and which were inherently in them when they were stated.

Truth is not hidden; it is available to all and is the same for all. Apparent differences must be due to inadequate understanding.