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Principles & Technology of Other Races
Part 3: The Spin Fields
The Divergence of Spin

(Assembled from disclosures made by space people in various communications.)

It was shown previously that the only reality that we have in our universe is spin. This reality is of course both scalar and vector. The total quantity of spin is scalar and represents the total quantity of reality. The distribution of this reality gives rise to another scalar quantity, namely spin density, and also to several vector quantities, including gradient, divergence and curl. There are also other tensor quantities as well. Spin density was shown to have the characteristics of a field, the properties of which were identified with a time aspect and the field seen to be that which gives rise to our phenomena of time, and therefore was called a tempic field.

It may readily be appreciated that since spin is centered about a point and has a distribution other than uniform, it must have a divergence. This divergence is identical with the result of the mathematical operation of the scalar product of the differential operator del, or unit differential vector with the spin unit itself. The mathematical development will be dealt with later when we come to the integration of these basic concepts with conventional science. With this subsequent analysis it will be shown why the electric field has the properties that it displays, and how they got there. Because, the divergence of spin is the electric field. Here again we have a fundamental principle derived and stated.