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The Persipitation Fabric

Once Awareness has understood through the application of the Quadrature Concept, the establishment of the first nine Parameters, the further application of this Concept yields three more Parameters which bring Matter and Energy as we know them into being. Again, as in the Third or Control Fabric, we have no tools except our own Awareness and understanding to follow through the evolvement of this Fabric. The two higher Fabrics require much more sophisticated manipulations than our mathematics are capable of to show the relationships existing between the lower Parameters and Fabrics and the higher ones, and at our stage of evolvement we can reach them only through personal mental activity aided by hints and direction from others who have already passed this way.

The application of the Quadrature Concept to the Parameter of Sequence yields the Tenth Parameter, Form. It was previously mentioned that there is a unique value between zero and infinity called Unity where exactly half the Reality is "inside" and half is "outside" While it is true for formal mathematics and may be so established, it is also universally true outside of this discipline, that no amount of manipulation can alter the value of unity and it always remains the fulcrum about which all other values pivot, regardless of scale. The Tenth Parameter attaches a special significance to this value in that it becomes the apparent boundary of Reality.

It is at once apparent that there is no prescription of any "absolute" quantity of Reality, or any scale of dimensions at all in this derivation. Therefore it follows that any and all Reality will manifest Form such that its apparent boundary will manifest half of the Reality inside and half outside. We do not know, and may never know, the total amount of Reality in the Universe, but the Form of the Universe will be such that half the Reality is inside and half outside. At the other extreme, the smallest bit of Reality that we can discern will also have this characteristic of one half being inside and the other half outside.

The next application of the Quadrature Concept yields the Parameter of Multiplicity, where more than one Form is established. Remembering that each Parameter contains within itself all lower Parameters, any and all deviations will reflect in the higher parameters and the Eleventh Parameter will allow individualization in Form as a consequence. This may not be at once obvious, but it is the mechanism by which the various bits and pieces of matter and energy came into being, actually a coagulation of substance out of the basic Reality.

When the Quadrature Concept is again applied there results the Parameter of Aggregation, or Assembly of bits into a Purposeful Structure. In this region resides the recognizable universe, animate and inanimate. It is the degree of exercise of Free Will that distinguishes between these two realms.

Further application of the Quadrature Concept merely offsets the universe from itself, which is the same as another linear dimension or First Parameter and the system closes on itself. Therefore, within the Universe as we are aware of it there are only these Twelve Parameters. They are the necessary and sufficient conditions for our Universe as we know it, and all of which we are aware can be defined in terms of these Parameters, and it is the duty and responsibility of Science to do so.

Having established twelve Parameters through our Awareness observing the Basic Reality through the Quadrature Concept, the question naturally arises regarding the place of Awareness in the Universe. Since none of the Parameters in any way establishes Awareness, yet Awareness observes all twelve, it must occupy some unique position relative thereto. This is true, but its understanding is not aided by the Reality of the universe and again it becomes a personal matter.

The following analogy may assist in visualizing to some extent the relative structure of the universal parameters and Awareness. Consider a sphere which is completely surrounded by twelve other spheres of the same size. All the spheres are in contact, and all the outer spheres are in contact with the inner. Only three spheres and the inner sphere can have mutual contact under any one circumstance. Radius of these three spheres may be mutually at right angles and the radius of the inner sphere may be in line with any one of these. Depending on the starting point and progression, all spheres may be inspected sequentially, without any preference. A quadrature relationship is possible between any three spheres, including the central one. All these relationships are valid with respect to the relationships existing among the twelve parameters and Awareness.