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The Control Fabric

The complete understanding of the Control Fabric is not easy, chiefly because by their very nature, our mathematics cannot be applied to it directly, and any analysis must be indirect. However, it is hoped that with some understanding of the Fabric suitable mathematics will be evolved with which to deal with it. In any case it should be realized the Understanding comes with increasing Awareness and if the basic concepts are understood, the rest will follow.

Awareness, inspecting Reality, notices that the Tempic Field is to some extent everywhere, and except for any arbitrarily prescribed reference point is largely homogenous. The Electric Field, however, does have a reference point of its own but other than this it spreads out everywhere. The magnetic Field, in addition to having both the foregoing characteristics, has another one, namely orientation.

If the Quadrature Concept is applied to the Magnetic Field it will be found that its orientation can be anything, or in other words, it is Random. The probability of finding it in any particular orientation is exactly the same as for any other orientation, and while the Field itself has a unique characteristic, its display is strictly random. While this is a rather over-simplified derivation of the Seventh Parameter, it may be sufficient to guide thinking in the direction of its appreciation, and as has been said previously, this appreciation is purely personal.

In all previous applications of the Quadrature Concept by Awareness, the matter of choice did not arise as how the Concept was applied did not make any difference. However, with the application of the Quadrature Concept to the magnetic Field, this is no longer the case, and a condition of asymmetry has been introduced which makes it necessary to decide how the Concept shall be applied. In fact, the application of the Concept is in itself a definition of the Eighth parameter, which is that of Decision, or Free Will.

The Ninth parameter, however, again establishes symmetry, and leads to a concept of Sequence, or Order, or Specific Arrangement.

Up to the Eighth Parameter, Awareness was largely in the position of Observer, and was unable to make any difference in the scheme of things in the Understanding of what happened when the Quadrature Concept was successively applied to the Basic Concept. Concept was successively applied the basic Concept. However, with the Eighth Parameter, Awareness became part of the Scheme in that a difference could result. It is at this level that Free Will is exercised, even though we may have many ideas to the contrary, and it is through this characteristic that we are able to control at least a part of this universe. Increased understanding will of course make possible extension of control, to the extent that our Awareness actually does Understand.

There is a price tag on this control through Free Will, however, in that the next application of the Quadrature Concept establishes a pattern which persists right around the cycle, and sequences are established which are directly consequential of the application of the Eighth Parameter.

In our relationship with the Universe we see all sorts of applications of the Control Fabric, from Random, through Free Will and into Sequence, as well as all sorts of combinations of them. Again, as was the case in the lower fabrics, each Parameter includes the lower Parameters as well as extending the Concept to include a new one. Therefore, it follows that all higher Parameters than the Eighth will be subject to modification by Awareness, with proper Understanding. The modification will be the consequence of the operation on the asymmetry of the Field Fabric, and its consequences will be felt right up to the Twelfth Parameter.