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The Space Fabric

Our Universe appears to us as an enormous, tremendously complicated system, with myriads of actions and reactions, functions and functional derivatives, and it is hard to realize that it is all a manifestation of a single basic concept in Nothing-At-All. We suspect, correctly, that there must be many "layers" or "levels" between the basic concept and what we observe around us. It is up these levels that we must work our way to an understanding of the universe, rather than downwards.

Anyone who is at all familiar with modern physics is, no doubt, appalled at its complexity, confused by the many correction and perturbation factors, and amazed at the many weird theories propounded in all sincerity to explain observations in terms of "established principles". Anomalies are the rule rather than the exception, and the amount of data which just won't fit is colossal. All in all it is fairly obvious that this view of the Universe is bogging down and we are in reality conjuring up a mathematical monstrosity and raising it to Deity status. It is truly the modern Golden Calf.

It is much more difficult to conceive of a universe which is basically highly complex but possible of breaking down into simpler units than to conceive of a Universe in which everything is built up of different aspects and combinations of these aspects of a single basic Reality. Therefore, why not tread again the path which was trodden by the Creator when the universe was established, and start as he did with Nothing-At-All and place therein the single basic Concept of Reality and study that which may be derived from it.

We were unable to establish the point of whether or not there is any interdependence between Reality and Awareness, and we may never be able to do so, but we must take it that they both do in fact exist, otherwise the whole exercise becomes meaningless and all is illusion. Therefore, insofar as we are concerned, the Reality of the Universe exists as we are aware of it.

The first degree of awareness of the basic concept is length. This is a bald statement and although many other combinations of words could be sued the MEANING is identical. Again, the understanding of this parameter is a personal matter and the mere reiteration of a formula will never convey understanding. Hence another personal visit into Nothing-At-All and a first hand view of the basic concept is called for. The viewing should be by means of the Quadrature Concept and, if correctly carried out to the exclusion of all else, that which is viewed will be the concept of length. This is the First Parameter, or as it might fairly be put at this point, the First Dimension. [Planck's Constant, *L]

Now, if the Quadrature Concept is again applied to the basic Concept of Reality, taking into account the already established Parameter of Length, and Area will be established, which is the Second Parameter. This Area is the true Second Dimension, thus making Volume the true Third Dimension, and for similar reasons another Length at right angles to the other two could not qualify.

Hence, Awareness of the basic concept of Reality, through successive applications of the Quadrature Concept has established a fabric of three Parameters, Length, Area and Volume, containing One, Two, and Three conventional Dimensions. This is the Space Fabric, and establishes a place for the Universe, which is at once simple and possible of understanding. There is no need for Warps, Foreshortenings, and all the other attachments appended to Space by conventional science to avoid facing the Universe as the Creator faced it, from the viewpoint of Nothing-At-All.

At this point it may be well to say something about Zero and Infinity. Originally these were mathematical concepts which gradually became established in our consciousness even though to most people they never had any real meanings. Mathematically it is possible to evolve quite satisfactory definitions for Zero and infinity, and so long as they are confined to mathematics we can get along with them quite well. But when we try to become aware of zero or infinity as a personal experience, we find it most difficult. It is only through the Quadrature Concept that we can become aware of these two extremes at all, but if we do view them "in quadrature" we find them quite understandable; in fact, they become, they become as real as any other numbers.

We can say that Zero is the smallest number in which our Awareness has any interest, and that Infinity is the largest number in which our Awareness has any interest. If we have the same degree of interest in Zero as we have in Infinity we will find that Unity is exactly half way between. This is quite apart from any scale of measurement and is a most important relationship. It is because nothing in the universe is absolute except the basic concept of reality itself. Even geometrical relationships are tempered by the means by which we become aware of them.

In establishing the Space Fabric we have understood only the concepts which result from the application of the Quadrature Concept to the basic Concept of Reality. While we immediately recognize the results of these operations as the space within which we dwell we must avoid implying other properties to it than can be derived directly from the basic premises. In other words, we have only space, with nothing in it. Anything which we may subsequently define within Space must be derived by further applications of the Quadrature Concept if it is to have any meaning.

A further word may be said about scales of measurement. Within the space just described there are no scales of measurement, and any positioning of awareness must of necessity be entirely arbitrary with one position being quite as good as any other. Relative positioning must of course remain relative regardless of how many positions may be established. A corollary of this is that Space is linear no matte where we investigate it, and this relationship must be accepted as fundamental.