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A Primer on the Physics of Alien Technology


by Wilbert Brockhouse Smith, S.Sc, M.Sc.
Master of Science, University of British Columbia
Canadian Radio Technical Planning Board
Canadian Association of Broadcasting Consultants
Superintendent of Radio Regulations Engineering
Department of Transportation & Communications.


"I am still of two minds as to whether or not this knowledge should be released into the world today. Once the step is taken there can be no return, and we have before us the horrible example of Atomic Energy" - W.B. Smith


~ A Special Online Book Presentation ©2005 Joseph Daniels


The New Science


Photograph of Reptilian Humanoid
"Fact is when certain government people came face to face with the reality of the space people, and realized there wasn't anything they could do about it, they promptly closed their eyes and hoped the whole thing would go away!" - Wilbert Brockhouse Smith Section One: The New Science [Forward] [Introduction] Chapter I ...... [The Basic Concept] Chapter II ..... [The Quadrature Concept] Chapter III .... [The Space Fabric] Chapter IV ..... [The Field Fabric] Chapter V ...... [The Control Fabric] Chapter VI ..... [The Percipitation Fabric] Chapter VII .... [The Basic Particle] Chapter VIII ... [Radiated Energy] Chapter IX ..... [Building Blocks of Matter] Chapter X ...... [Forces] Chapter XI ..... [Gravity] Definition of .. [Unusual Terms]

Section Two: [The Q Concept]

Section Three: Principles & Technology of Other Races Part 1: Fundamentals 1.1: [The Structure of Meaning] 1.2: [The Rectilinear Concept] 1.3: [Relativity Measurement] 1.4: [Basic Reality] 1.5: [The Concept of Spin] Part 2: The Structure of Spin 2.1: [The Spin Mechanism] 2.2: [The Units] 2.3: [Distribution of Spin] 2.4: [Spin Velocity] 2.5: [The Tempic Field] Part 3: The Spin Fields 3.1: [The Significance of the Tempic Field] 3.2: [Simultaneity] 3.3: [The Divergence of Spin] 3.4: [The Curl of Spin] 3.5: [The Gradient of Spin] Part 4: Multiplicity of Spin Centers 4.1: [General Considerations] 4.2: [Summation of Scalar Spin] 4.3: [Summation of Gradient of Spin] Part 5: (Unfortunately Wilbert died before completing this section) 5.1: Definition of Force 5.2: Changing Reality 5.3: Work & Energy