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By July 6 [1975] the strange activity around Lake Ontario began to take on some new elements. That was the day when a UFO landed on the tobacco farm of Joe Borda, outside London, west of the lake. When the Provincial Police arrived to investigate the damage to his crops, they also took samples of a bluish-green substance and sent it to a laboratory in Toronto for analysis. Borda waited for a reply but heard nothing, and he then turned to a local UFO group.
According to Tom Grey, the editor of UFO Update, who supplied a copy of the report that he and members of North eastern UFO Organization completed after investigating the case, this farmer had seen a shiny dome-shaped object sitting in one of his fields and assumed it was a tank truck doing some spraying on his crops. Two days later he went dont to the field on a routine check and discovered that all of the tobacco plants in a twenty-foot circle had been damaged and burned. The police examined the place for a sign of vandalism but found no evidence of this. When the UFO investigators got the call, they arrived and photographed the damaged area and collected some of the burned plants and took soil samples. They also gathered samples of the bluish-green substance for analysis. Later, when the photographs were developed, it was found that the twenty-foot area of damaged plants had a bluish tint not present in the undisturbed part of the field nearby. When the bluish-green substance was tested it was found to contain sand and an oily silicon-based substance of unknown composition.
The UFO investigators learned that the farmer had not reported the damage to the police right away. He had postponed it to the following day and was surprised when a limousine with Arizona license plates arrived at his farm and drove directly to the damaged area without stopping to get permission. Upset at the intrusion, Mr. Borda followed the limousine and its three occupants to the site and found them gathering samples. When he asked what they were doing, he was told that they were gathering samples and that he was to return to his work, that it was none of his business. For some reason, which the farmer could not explain, he immediately complied with their order without argument.
According to the UFO investigators, this case left them with several unanswered questions. They were puzzled by the fast that Borda had not demanded indentification from the three men or ordered them off his property until the police had been notified. But what puzzled them most was how the three strangers knew about this UFO event when Borda had not yet reported it to anyone, and why had they arrived at the farm in a limousine with Arizona license plates.
Had these three men driven all the way from Arizona just to gather these samples? If so, who informed them about the UFO landing and whom did they represent? The UFO investigators are still trying to find out.
Gateway to Oblivion, Hugh Cochrane