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The Geat Lakes Triangle
Southern Ontario Canada


DATE: January 24, 2005
TIME: 5:50 pm
CITY: Beamsville, Vineland, Grimsby, Ontario, Canada

A fruit-belt sighting of a bright silver craft from the Queen Elizabeth Way:
"Driving home from Vineland, Ontario to Grimsby, Ontario via the QEW. I had just passed the Beamsville exit. The sky was getting dark, and it was clear and blue with a few clouds. While driving, I was admiring the bright sky when I noticed what looked like a shooting star near the top left side of my windshield."

"I glanced over to my passenger to point it out and when I looked back, the bright white light seemed to have gotten brighter, and a silver streak blinked quickly a few times and shot straight up and to the right like a firework before disappearing."

"I've seen dozens of shooting stars before, but I have never seen anything like this. My passenger didn't catch it in time, although, he thought he saw a green light from the same direction out of the corner of his eye. I did not witness any green light."

SOURCE: Para-Research Ontario

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