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DATE: July 29, 2004
TIME: 3:36 pm
CITY: Burlington, Golden Horseshoe Region, Lake Ontario
Shape: Light
Duration:4 hours

A starlike objects seen over Lowville Park, Burlington. Burlington is located next to Hamilton at the southern tip of Lake Ontario.

[This is the] third incident among my group of friends."

Me and two of my friends were out at Lowville Park and we were watching shooting stars. I was tying my shoes when my friend saw a shooting star which he described as being very big and very bright. He pointed in the direction at which the object disapeared behind the tree line.

We then noticed a glowing starlike object peaking thru the tree line. This object then slowly hovered higher above the tree line (about 1 thumb length) and hovered there. It slowly began moving left to right, and up and down.

The object was a solid glowing light and appeared to have no flashing lights that a helicopter or a plane would have. We also noticed, now that adreniline had our night vision at max, a vapour trail that my friend said was the path of the 'shooting star' that he saw. This trail was in a spiral shape.

I tried calling my friend to get him out there with his video camera because we were watching it for a half hour and at this point the obect was stationary and appeared to be going nowhere. My friend said he had no tape for his camera, so I called a girl in Hamilton who I knew had a camara. She too had no film but told me she could see from her balcony and that it was so bright she could only stare for so long. She also told me that her cat was out on the balcony crying with its tail between its legs.

After that we followed this object and it appeared to be slowly moving towards Lake Ontario, and we continued watching it as it went higher and higher.....finally at about 7:30 am, its was broad daylight and this object could still be seen going higher and higher into the sky until it disapeared.

I have friends who have seen these objects on twoseperate ocassions but I never believed them. They too saw them at Lowville Park. One of them guessed what time this happened to us because he too said that his animal ran into his room crawling and crying with its tail between its legs at the time that it passed over the city towards the lake.

We also noticed various birds flying north in V patterns away from this object. This has led me to believe that whatever propels these spacecraft, it must give off a high pitched sound that only animals can detect, much like a dog whistle. I also believe they can be seen thoughout the month more than once and that there is a connection to these lights and Lowville Park because of the numerous sightings.

SOURCE: National UFO Reporting Centre c/o Peter Davenport



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