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SIGHTINGS of the YEAR 2003
Southern Ontario


DATE: November 19, 2003
TIME: 5:30 pm
CITY: Guelph, Ontario

I was walking through a wooded area near my home - I walk with my dog in this area nearly every evening. It was between 17:30 and 18:00 hrs., and I had stopped to search the sky for meteorites. Although I am not even a very amateur astronomer, I do enjoy looking at the night sky through my binoculars. I try to keep track of upcoming celestial events, such as allignments, eclipses and the recent close pass of the planet Mars.

Anyway, on this particular night I was hoping to catch sight of the tail end of the Leonids, as it had been far too overcast on the previous two nights to see anything. Suddenly, I was aware of a large, V-shaped craft coming from the Southern sky.

I was immediately struck by the fact that, although there appeared to be no lights of any kind on it, I could see the object very clearly. It seemed to be giving off light but there was no halo or aura visible.

As it came closer, i.e. moved overhead in a direction that was almost due North, I could see how fast it was moving, and that it wasn't a large craft at all, but rather several smaller, bronze or copper-coloured eliptical-shaped objects flying in a V-formation.

As I watched, and I had an excellent view of it for at least ten seconds, some of the crafts flying on the right hand arm of the V started to change places within the formation, while keeping the V-shape intact and maintaining a constant speed.

I couldn't believe how fast and maneuverable they appeared to be as they moved around within the V; I have seen many acrobatic air teams perform and no aircraft I have ever seen could move like these did. These craft seemed to be flying at about the same height of a small plane like a Cessna.

We have a small airfield nearby and we are on the approach path for Pearson International in Toronto, so I am very familiar with the many ways aircraft can appear in the night sky. I also was struck by the fact that there was absolutely no sound emanating from them as they flew overhead.

I watched the formation as it flew overhead and out of sight over the Northern horizon. However, there seemed to be an unusually large number of aircraft in the area on this night, and the buzz of the small aircraft engines and the whine of the larger jets approaching from the Southwest were making rather a large din and could have drowned out any noise it was making.

I probably wouldn't have reported this sighting except that I saw this exact object in the night sky almost one year ago. I was in my backyard at the time, again scanning the night sky for constellations, when it flew overhead from the Southwest. SOURCE: National UFO Reporting Center c/o Peter Davenport



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