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SIGHTINGS of the YEAR 2003
Southern Ontario


DATE: October 31, 2003
TIME: 7:00 pm
CITY: Hamilton, Ontario

Oddly lit large craft over Hamilton at or shortly after 7pm on Halloween.

In response to the report from BC on this date. I actually was checking to see if anyone saw what I saw on the same night in Hamilton, Ontario. I saw a similar craft, from a great distance (at least four miles), over Hamilton on Haloween night (Friday).

There were thousands of people in the streets at this time, so others may report it. At first I thought it was an airplane, as there is an airport in Hamilton.

However, this craft was lighted all along the length of the craft, unlike an airplane, and it had some blue, red and white lights, flashing, within the overall white/blue light of the craft. It struck me right away that this may be an aircraft, but I've never seen one lit up like that before, and we have them here all the time.

I attempted to get to a better vantage point quickly, but had to proceed with caution since the streets were filled with children. When I got there, the object was gone.

Our airplanes do not have blue lights? Our airplanes do not light up so you can see them at night...only their nav lights and headlamps. Aura is a very good description of the type of lighting I observed. SOURCE: National UFO Reporting Center c/o Peter Davenport



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