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SIGHTINGS of the YEAR 2003
Southern Ontario


DATE: July 13, 2003
TIME: 4:00 pm
CITY: Waterloo, Ontario

I saw three UFO's in one hour. In the middle of the day.

The first was this little thing way up in the sky, it was round, and was turning in different directiions, and looked like it had one big wing on it.

It was changing colours, from orange to pink, then almost a silver colour as it rose up and moved left and right, then slowly across the sky.. until all I could see is this tiny white speck, that looked like a base ball in the distance.

The second one was a tiny white base ball figure moving up and down and left and right in the sky way far in the horizon.

The third was a rather large sphere that looked pink colour, then almost a yellow, moving west wards in the sky, really slow. no wings, no perpellars, no basket. Just a sphere. It almost shook up and down while tracing the depths of the sky.

This all happened within 40 minutes. SOURCE: National UFO Reporting Center c/o Peter Davenport



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