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SIGHTINGS of the YEAR 2003
Southern Ontario

DATE: January 29, 2003
TIME: 9:00 pm
CITY: Hamilton, Ontario

I just came from visiting my mother who lives in the East end of Hamilton. As I was leaving I stood with her while she had a smoke. We were talking about UFO's and were looking up in the sky.

She pointed out something that at first I had trouble finding, then my eyes find what was unmistakably a V shape formation very high up in the sky. It reminded me of the formation of birds, but this was at about 9:00 at night and they were very high up, moving very fast and were lit up. That was the strangest part. They looked like lights.

Then my dad came out and we were telling him about it when I looked up and saw another formation, but it was in a line rather then a V and I said "could it be birds?" He said no because they were travelling too fast and they were all light up. I have never seen anything like it at all and if it was a UFO, it was the very first siting I have ever had. Did anyone else see this tonight?

Update March 10th:

My mother and I are still so baffled by what we saw. It was so high up and it looked like it was beyond the stars, even though that is impossible. I just couldn't believe my eyes. But, they weren't three lights as described above by eve, there were about 10 lights in the shape of a V, maybe five on each side with one as a point, so 11 lights!! It really looked like the formation of the Canadian Geese, it was quite amazing and then the second set to follow was in a straight line of about 5/6 lights. The lights were tiny, but it could explain why it appeared so far away.

I mentioned this one night to the girls at work and they looked at me as if I was crazy. Now, honestly, I wouldn't mention it if I thought it was explainable, like a plane, but there is no way this was a plane, no way at all and to have the second set of lights following it not even a minute later, impossible. Also, I have never seen a plane in those shapes before.

SOURCE: HBCCUFO c/o Brian Vike



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