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SIGHTINGS of the YEAR 2002
Southern Ontario


DATE: August 11, 2002
TIME: 1:30 am
CITY: Ancaster, Ontario

Large "V" UFO over Ancaster, Ontario:

I was walking through a park near my home called spring valley. I was out late in the evening walking my dog and tried to see the August meteor shower.

I could see some stars but their was some cloud present. Spring Valley is just a stream that comes out of a side of a hill and has carved out a little valley.

It then became very quite, it felt as if the air pressure had changed, and the air current was coming from above. The dog became aroused and when the air current was coming from above the dog sought out low wood areas and tried to keep me moving.

When I looked above the sky was black and felt and very very heavy, the air current became stronger and warmer. The pressure made my ears pop, I had great difficulty walking . I fell a lot and seemed to feel heavier then I am. We moved along the stream down hill to the end of the park, are way out. My dog seemed to be making a sound like when he is distressed and ran off.

As I left the park I looked up and could see a faint outline of a very large object floating above the valley. From that angle I could see what looked like large wide V's ,the odor in the air was different, I felt physically exhausted, it had felt as if I had the air sucked out of me. I have a surgical pin in my ankle joint from a past bike accident and that felt as if it were burning. I do not know what this was about. I had to get a new watch and new cards with that black strip on them. Source: National UFO Reporting Centre c/o Peter Davenport



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