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Southern Ontario

DATE: May 28, 2002
TIME: 10:30 pm
CITY: Malden Park, Windsor, Ontario

Triangle Craft over Windsor, Ontario:
Witness 2: I'm a partner of a computer animation company and I also do heating and cooling.

Witness 1: I am also a partner at the same company.

Note: The times are guestimations as we did not have watches on during the event on the third pass, Tuesday, May 28, 2002 at approx: 10:30 p.m. at Malden Park, Windsor Ontario, Canada. Me - witness 1 and witness 2. We both seen a triangle craft with white lights in each corner and a red light in the center. We were not sure if it was a stealth bomber or the commonly reported triangle UFO.

Witness 1: I believe I was looking at the bottom of the craft because it was turning. I was looking at this with my tasco 10x50 binoculars and my Bausch & Lomn 60x60 telescope.

Witness 2: well I was with WITNESS 1 their were 2 passes and one other air craft that had no sound in the first pass I was just setting up my equipment and I was trying to set up my equipment a fast as possible I the air craft was coming from east to north west it looked like this and it did not make a sound If it had I would have to say it was a stealth bomber but it was silent and moved like a plane this first sighting was at 9:20 PM - 9: 30 PM and at 10:00 PM a 2nd sighting occurred same style air craft this time I was ready I have a Minolta XG1 shot off 6 exposures and hopping that they will turn out I had 400 asa film and I guess this air craft was about 1/2 mile away but looked huge about 200 feet span I could only go by the smog to get a depth on how far it was the third sighting the air craft looked like example B it had no light on the back of the plane but yet silent I could only get 1 expose of this one it was about 3/4 mile away and arrived form east to north west just like the others and at the same time other military air craft was passing over head ps: My film was destroyed ether poor loading by the heat in my car I found this out when I took it to blacks photo finishing."

Source: National UFO Reporting Centre