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SIGHTINGS of the YEAR 2000
Southern Ontario


DATE: February 12, 2000
TIME: 8:00 pm
CITY: Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario

We were standing in the back yard waiting for the dogs to complete their business before retiring, when K , who was gazing at the sky for a good minute whispered loudly..." what do you suppose those are?"

I followed her extended pointing finger, and saw at least 30-40 bright orange lights in a boomerang formation moving slowly across the sky from North to South over the city. The formation seemed to narrow (tighten) and then spread out ... meanwhile one light was zig zagging in and out of the formation.

A plane circling for landing at Toronto International Airport could not have missed the spectacle in the sky above them. We thought at first we might be looking at migrating geese with the lights of the city reflected off their white bellies, but apparently Canada Geese seldom fly at night, preferring to rest, and besides the lights appeared to be much too high up for geese... the lights were the size of bright stars. A week later I saw a single object streak across the sky, around the same time of night.

This object was much lower down, and appeared to be triangular although it seemed to have wings) in shape, it looked almost translucent and was a shimmering bright orange. It was traveling from the South East, towards the North over the city of Waterloo, at a speed much faster than any plane I have ever seen.

Both these sightings have left us puzzled and a little scared... the more time passes the more we doubt our own eyes and the experience we both had. Very interesting! The day after I had the single sighting, I phoned a professor who has a strong interest in Astronomy at the University of Waterloo.

She was extremely interested and told me that she had been seeing unexplained lights near the horizon for a week, and like us, thought their must be some other explanation for them.

I am a 50 year old mother of seven grown children, I have a science degree, and am the president of a national animal welfare organization... I don't smoke and I don't drink...just incase you wanted to know!!! The other witness is my daughter We were visiting with her in Ontario), married with two young children.

Source: National UFO Reporting Center



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