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SIGHTINGS of the YEAR 2000
Southern Ontario


DATE: Unknown, 2000
TIME: Unknown
CITY: Windsor, Southern Ontario

"It was a very clear night, and the moon was full. As I do on any clear night, I started to look at the stars. From the East, an object which looked like a pen appeared and was moving toward the Detroit River (north from my location). It began to turn northward just past Casino Windsor which has five circulating lights which shine upwards (similar to the lights at an airport)."

"It appeared as though the object momentarily observed the source of the light from the Casino, and then flew northwards (towards Michigan) between the Casino and the Ambassador Bridge. Instead of flying in a straight line, the object began to fly in a snake-like pattern until it disappeared from my view."

"I wasn't able to determine the height of this craft because there was absolutely no sound. There was also a definite glow to the object. At first I thought this was a reflection of light from either a boat in the Detroit River or from the Casino lights, but the sky was incredibly clear."

"My heart began to pound, I began to sweat, and I got the chills when I finally realized what I saw!"

Source: National UFO Reporting Centre



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