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Grand Bend, London, Ontario, Canada
Tuesday, November 17, Autumn of 1998

Two spot UFO seen over Grand Bend area twenty minutes north of London, Ontario:
Two Friends and a neighbor saw a Bright Sphere that got bigger and brighter and then shrunk to almost nothing off and on for 15 min.

Me and a friend where walking down a road by his house when he saw a bright object in the sky about 1000 meters from tree level. He shouted to me and said look! Look at that!

I looked but at first It looked like maybe a tall radio tower but he said there was no radio tours within his area except to the right of us. So we began watching it and it began to get so bright and bigger that there was no way in Gods name that could of been a star.

It seemed as if it was watching us. Then from behind us two commercial jets where going in its direction from behind us and the object shrunk down to almost nothing befor our eyes.

When the planes got within 20 km of the object, once they by-passed the area the object was in it reapeard again even brighter and it would stay bright for 2 min then get dimmer again for about 8 min until it shrunk once again down to nothing and it was gone, we waited to see if it would reapear but it never came back again.

In all my life my heart has never pounded with fear and amazment like it did that night in November. Now because of this incedent we have started a group: WOS ( Watching Our Sky's) and are collecting all the abjects we see in our area.

Source: National UFO Reporting Centre (206)722-3000



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