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Owen Sound, Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada
August 11, Summer of 1996

Illuminated UFOs moving in ribbon-like motion, swinging around the stars over Owen Sound, Ontario in Georgian Bay Area:
I was out on my balcony enjoying a nice cup of coffee with my wife and her two sisters. I am an avid star gazer. I was watching the clear night sky up above.....just lost in its beauty. We were outside for about an hour, just talking about the good times.

I was looking up at the stars, when an unusually bright group of stars caught my eye. At first I thought it might be Orion. Then thought they might be satellites, but was quick to change my mind.

The objects were very high up, too high to be planes. They began moving in a snake like motion, S'ing, around the stars. This motion convinced me temporarily that they were satellites, but then they stoped, grew very bright,and changed opposite direction.

We were all quite amazemed at what we had witnessed. We stood out there discussing the rational possibilities of what it was that we had seen. As we looked in the direction of where the incident occured we noticed a slightly larger grouping of Seven.

They repeated the same motions that the previous three had, then grew bright, almost joining in a straight line of light, then reversed course as the others before had.

We are still not sure of what we had witnessed that summer night and have not discussed it with others but I'm certain what we witnessed was not of human origin or of Earth's current technology.

I am currently a college student, studying to be a computer technician and engineer. I am also interested in working for N.A.S.A when I have completed my education. I'm 24 yrs old. I hope I am taken seriously, this is the first time I have spoken about the incident to anyone.

Source: National UFO Reporting Centre (206)722-3000



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