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London, Ontario, Canada
October 18, 1993
London couple see UFO over London, Ontario and he suspects he's been abducted.

Londoner Thinks he was Taken

There was nothing unusual about the weather on October 18, 1993 when a London man and his girlfriend spotted what they believe was an extra-terrestrial craft moving slowly over the city.

Richard Cote, 33 and Diane Cryer, 29 had just returned to their home a few blocks from downtown about 8 p.m. when they saw a boomerang-shaped object moving across the sky over south central London.

Cote, a musician and model rocketry enthusiast, says the craft - about the size of an apartment building, with 12 orange lights at its base - searched the sky with a bright beam of white light from a hight of 250 to 300 meters.

After Cote and Cryer lost sight of the object, he hurriedly reported the sighting to London airport and the North American Aerospace Defence Command - the Colorado-based Canada-U.S. radar system that monitors all air traffic over the continent. But neither could tell him what he had seen.

Cote went to bed that night, but did not awake, he says, until two days later - time enough, he now insists, to have been abducted by the crew of the strange craft.

Although Cote has no recollection of his abduction, he thinks he was subjected to medical testing. When he awoke from his deep, sleep, he discovered two pucture marks on his arm and began to experience ringing in his ears, severe headaches and an intolerance of high-frequency sounds. He says doctors could offer no explanation for his health problems.

"My God, I'm not making this up," he insists. "When I look up at the stars, I'm scared."

The London Free Press


My Third UFO Sighting


Daine and I [Richard J. Cote] were walking home from a donut shop. We were amazed at how many stars were out. Instead of going directly into our house, we decided to stay out for a while and observe them. When I looked into the north-west, I noticed a beam of light scanning the open skies. I took for granted it was a helicopter. I just ignored it.

I would say about five minutes later, I decided to pack it in and go into the house.

Suddenly, Diane grabbed my coat and yelled "Look! Look! Look! What is it?"

This huge V-shaped formation flew almost directly over us at around 1,500 feet, not making any sound at all: a solid body with orange pulsating lights at the front.

Diane was so excited about seeing this thing that she could only repeat, over and over again "I finally saw one!"

I wasn't as excited as she was, but I do remember saying "Here we go again".

Immediately, I went into the house and called the London airport tower.

Then I called NORAD defence and radar centre in North Bay, and they asked me a bunch of questions. They told me that this information would be transferred to Ottawa, but they wouldn't tell me anything, such as whether or not they'd seen anything on their radar. Potential Alien Abduction

Two nights later, I woke up around 3 A.M. feeling funny, sweaty, and weak...sort of a heavy feeling. The weird thing was, I knew something was wrong with my arm, but it wasn't hurting. I turned on the light and I found two perfectly rounded puncture marks on my left arm!

For approximately two or three weeks after that, I was not the same. I was irritated by headaches and by ringing in my ears, confused, and depressed, and crying for no reason at all. I cannot explain what ailed me, any more than the doctors could, either my regular practitioner, or the ones in emergency.

Roughly two months later, I received a phone call from a UFO group called MUFON, from the Toronto area. I told them my story. Four members of the group came down to take pictures and to do an interview with Diane and me. I also shared my 1977 experience with them.

SOURCE: Richard Cote


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