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Glanbrook, Hamilton Area, Ontario
August 14, 1992
Family captures UFO on video camera in Glanbrook a small town outside Hamilton, Ontario.




She's Seen it Half Dozen Times Before
Glanbrook - All the other times, Joan Rehele felt no one would believe what she had seen. Now she feels better.

Over the 21 years she's lived in Binbrook, Mrs. Rehele, 55, a self-described housewife, has spotted the same light in the same pattern in the sky half a dozen times before. And very early yesteday, with the full moon shining, she saw it again.

She shut off her bedroom light, and it seemed brighter still, almost as bright as a light bulb in the sky, and somewhere between the size of a satelite dish and a pickup truck. There was no noise.

It seemed to be in the trees on the far side of a, between one and two kilometers (half a mile to 1 1/4 miles) behind her Guyatt Road house.

She ran to wake up her son Kevin, 14. It was about 12:50 a.m. Kevin grabbed the video camera, rested it on the window sill, and picked up two minutes and 18 seconds of the light dancing up and down on the screen, impossibly fast, it seemed, for any conventional aircraft. The Reheles live in the general area of Hamilton Airport and a smaller private strip. But they are sure what they saw was no plane, helicopter or weather balloon.

Mrs. Rehele, along with Kevin, daughter-in-law Laura and two grandchildren, came to The Spectator with the videotape yesterday afternoon, hoping to find some explanation or at least confirmation that someone else had seen the same thing.

Mrs. Rehele was reluctant to go on record. "I don't want people to think I've got a screw loose or something," she said. "I'm not seeking any publicity. I just want people to believe what I have seen."

As the tape played, it became clearer that the mother and son are not trying to pull some kind of hoax. You hear their whispered voices as the light moves around on the screen, seeming to leave behind a dark trail. "Right in between the trees, Kevin," says the woman's whispered voice. "Yes. I can see it. I'm picking it up," comes back the boy's voice, also in a whisper.

"Can you get it?"                "Yes."
"Good."                          "Yes, it's flashing."
"I wonder what the hell it is."  
And today they are still wondering. Hamilton Airport officials say there have been no reports of unusual sightings in the sky, although they did say the time coincides with the airport's busiest hours, when couriers are most active.

Although Mrs. Rehele and Kevin are reluctant to jump to any conclusions, they keep getting pulled back to what seems the only logical explanation. "It must be from outer space," she says.

The Hamilton Spectator, Aug 14, 1992


Callers to Spec Compare Notes on Possible UFO Sighting

There was something up there Thrusday morning - maybe. It could have been a planet or a plane. Or it's possible that the bright orange-colored light Joan Rehele saw was from outer space - possible.

But since the Rehele family's story and the videotaped picture of the object ran in the Spectator, four other people have called to compare notes on similar lights. Two other people have called and reported sightings completely different.

Two sisters who live in the Galnbrook area, not far from the Reheles, said they have seen the orange light before. In two separate sightings, one almost a year ago and the other this spring, the sisters have seen the light hovering around the trees over Binbrook. "It kind of slowed down," said one sister who didn't want to be identified. "At first I thought it was a plane, but I didn't hear a thing. Some dogs were barking at it."

John Hamilton, who moved to the area recently, said he and his wife were driving about an hour and a half north of Barrie early one autumn morning when they saw a bright white light about the size of three garbage can lids. "I did'nt take too much notice of it at first, but then it started to enlarge," he said. "It seemed to be closing in very rapidly. It went through three or four color changes."

Natural - or earthly - explanations of the light included a meteor, a plane and a planet. Although it is the height of the largest meteor shower of the year, the Reheles couldn't have seen a piece of shooting space debris because their videotape lasts more than two minutes, while meteors disappear within seconds.

Because the is both an airport and a private airstrip in the area, it is possible that it was a plane. McMaster physics and astronomy professor Doug Welsh said that a plane with all its approach lights on could at times look like the mysterious light, because as a plane lands there is a lot of atmosphere distorting the image. The final suggestion Mr. Welsh could give was that about 1 a.m., when the object was seen, Mars was rising in the northeastern sky and would have looked reddish. The image on the tape appeared to jump because the human eye twitches when focusing on a stationary object, causing a photographer to move the camera, he said.

A stoney Creek man said he saw two lights flying about the CN Tower in Toronto.

A 68-year-old MacNab Street man called in to say he saw a UFO over Hamilton early yesterday morning. He said there were seven lights emitting a dull orange glow flying in a triangular formation but making no noise.

As for the Reheles' object being a UFO, one thing is certain. It is unidentified.

The Hamilton Spectator, Aug 15, 1992


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