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Burlington/Hamilton, Lake Ontario, Canada
February 15, 1990

A chevron-shaped UFO hovers over Burlington, about 1/2 hour south of Toronto at the southern tip of Lake Ontario.

It was a cold winter evening. The bus had just dropped me off near the corner of Guelph Line and Upper Middle Road. Before me lay perhaps two acres of school property that I needed to cross in order to reach home.

While walking across the field, partly covered in snow, I noticed a chevron-shaped object silently hovering perhaps 500 feet overhead.

Rather than immediately wondering what the object could be, I wondered how anything could hover, since the winds were quite fierce from west to east.

Focusing my eyes on the object, I couldn't make out its true shape, given that the object was obscured by the thick snow clouds racing past.

A series of red and blue lights along its bottom ran in the shape of a chevron, so I could only assume that the craft was the same shape.

I watched the object hover for perhaps a minute, and then it slowly began moving northward while retaining its altitude. I don't know why, but I began running after it, yet it slowly moved away. Pausing just south of Dundas Street and Guelph Line, the object then moved slowly westward before disappearing amid the clouds.

Source: National UFO Reporting Centre (206)722-3000



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