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Crystal Beach, Ontario, Canada
January 19, 1990
Three witnesses watch UFOs over the Port Colborne area on north shore of Lake Erie, Ontario.


Re: UFO Sighting #1

The circumstances around the event that took place Jan. 19/90 still seems dreamy to me. The fact that I did not make an accurate dated entry on my calendar of this my first UFO sighting added to the "make-believe" aspect of that night. As a bookkeeper of over twenty-five years experience, recording the date would have been automatic.

At 11:15 pm that night my neighbour Gary telephoned our house. "I'm not kidding you, I saw an UFO - two of them... look at the sky! I was on the beach. My stupid family is playing cards - couldn't care less!" Gary slammed down the phone.

My husabnd Ray who had been asleep, quickly dressed but before we could leave the house, Gary telephoned again. "Aren't you coming? I'm phoning from the corner. Didn't you hear that noise? Where the hell is everybody?"

Gary is thirty-four years old, highly intelligent, 90% deaf and a force to be reckoned with when he is frustrated. He had apparently ran home (we live a short block from the beach) to fetch his camera, and, seeing his family engrossed in a game of bridge when the sky was falling was too much for him.

To backtrack. Just before Gary made his initial telephone call to us, I had been in the bathtub enjoying a good soak and a good read. But, I was conscious of a droning sound that I hadn't heard before.

It was of a low pitch accompanied by a second pitch just a fraction higher in tone. We are used to the noise of various aricraft. Our home is central to many airports. A USAF base is located at Niagara Falls, N.Y. Buffalo, N.Y. sports an international airport.

Many smaller airports in the area on both sides of the border play host to the U.S.A. and Canadian Coast Guard, various airfreight companies, helicopters, gliders and private land and sea airplanes. These contribute to a variety of noises and on pushes this normal noise into the subconscious.

As a star watcher, I've become accustomed to the usual flight patterns taken by different aircraft. And, so, my mind recorded the two-tiered drone as being unusual.

Ray and I went outside and saw a panorama of colour over at least a twenty mile area from Point Abino then northwest in the direction of the Port Colborne-Welland area. Blues, pinks and mauves lit up the sky for a couple of minutes, then disappeared.

It was aprroximately 11:30 p.m. by then, very cold with high winds.

Instead of going to the beach where Gary was keeping watch, we got into the car and drove the half-mile to Point Abino. We decided to turn north on Pt. Abino Rd. because the sky was once again turning colour - a deep pink.

Out from the west at about 1000 feet, came two bright circles of lights. The lights turned southward briefly and "went out" disappeared. We pulled over and turned our headlights off. To the southeast of us flying at about 300 ft, quite low, was a military plane and a helicopter.

And then to the west of us again appeared these two lights. This time, they came down, one went up a bit, one went sideways, they both then came down and disappeared. This was approximately between the 1500 and 1000 feet level.


The thing is that the temperature appeared to be warmer. A rain that was almost horizontal was falling. The military plane turned south over Pt. Abino. I do not know where the helicopter went. We decided to return home.

By this time other curious people were driving southward towards Lake Erie to see what the action was all about. As we drove home (eastward), I looked up and out of the car window, conscious again of this two-tiered droning sound. Two circular lights seemed to be following us above the trees at about 500 ft.

I saw nothing but light - no definition at all - but I am myopic in my vision so I could be wrong. My binoculars were at home. And also the sky was void of the colourful hues nor did we see this colour any more that night. Ray drove home with the headlights off.

We both thought that all this activity was the result of a land and sea coast guard practice excercise searching for drug smugglers, using a new type of light or flare but we discounted this for several reasons.

We had never seen this expanse of colour before; the lights moved in a contrary motion sometimes to the wind - flares bobble and float with the wind; the military plane and the helicopter were over the land for part of this activity; smugglers usually try to cross the lake via the ice or water to the east of us because of the shallow water at the point and the rocks (as the lighthouse can attest to) at Pr. Abino.

We have witnessed many rescue bids, airforce activity and suchlike in this area but I assure you they were nothing out of the ordinary. And usually in night searches, as infrequent as they are, searchlights are used, not flares. This particular night, the rain was steady, the wind high so that even on the ice that was packed close to shore, nothing much could be seen from a plane using flares.

The water out in the bay area was open. We drove home, I picked up the binoculars then we located Gary who had been joined by his mother on the beach. It was now 12:30 a.m. Once again the two-tiered droning sound was heard. Gary turned off his hearing aid because the noise hurt him so.

From out of the southwest through the cloud cover, came two lights, very large and very bright. They came down, went upwards then they were extinguished like a lightbulb.

The military plane was circling to the east pf the lights. Another neighbour joined us and couldn't figure out what role the plane was taking because it seemed to be watching the lights as well.

Then as we watched the plane do a complete circle over us towards Pt. Abino and back around again, normal recognizable flares were sent out from it as if to camouflage the other "lights".

It was both dramatic and stupid and pointless as we all agreed. The military plane circled around for another fifteen minutes or so. There were no more flares, no more anything, so we all trooped home.

SOURCE: Canadian UFO Research Network (CUFORN)

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